We know Hawaiʼi, because we are Hawaiʼi. To see Hawaiʼi through Hawaiian eyes is something of a rarity these days. On our travels the KALAMA Foundation has found the absolute best in foods and fun. The process of choosing is scientifically Hawaiian, it needs to meet a basic standard of simple and ono (delicious).

1. Kauaʼi Family Restaurant, Seattle WA.
The Source comes from the Westside of Kauaʼi. The Buza Family is from Kekaha, Kauaʼi. The best poke, salt meat and beef curry stew. $-$$

2. Da Imu Hut in Hanapepe, Kauaʼi.
The best kalua pig and the saimin is ono. $

3. Super Jʼs in Honaunau, Kona, Hawaiíi.
Try the pork laulau, simply mouthwatering. $

4. Ono Hawaiian Foods Honolulu, Oahu.
Great menu just a little salty. $

Our reviewers were a bit sad because real Hawaiian food is hard to find. For example, no moa on Maui, Molokaʼi and Lanaʼi. Get good local food, but no Hawaiian.

Mahimahi at Kualapu'u Cookhouse

1. Nohoʼs in Portland, Oregon.
The Pulehu anything is scrumptious. $$

2. Kaulupuʼu Cookhouse in Kualapuʼu, Molokaʼi.
The best place on Molokaʼi. $-$$

3. Koa Shop Kaffee in Mountain View, Hawaiʼi on the way to or from Volcano. The Portuguese Bean Soup is absolutely Da Best and worth the drive from Hilo. (The Best Place for Hawaiian calabashes is just behind the Kaffee at Dan De Luzʼs Wood Shop. Awesome Hawaiian wooden bowls and best prices.) $

4. Kenʼs Pancake House in Hilo, Hawaiʼi.
Get everyting local. The Kalbi is ono. It is the only restaurant in Hawaiʼi that is opened 24 hours every day. $$

5. Da Kitchen in Kahului and Kihei, Maui.
The dishes are huge so bring one good appetite. $

Halau O Limaloa eats its way through Hawaii, one scrumptious bite at a time...