Lomilomi is an old traditional style of Hawaiian healing. A process of healing unlike any other, it is energetic in nature, cleansing and healing in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways. It works through the entire being not just the body. A template is used that includes 5 main points: 1) The proximity of the lomi pa or platform to the ground. 2) The positional direction of the pa. 3) The use of a calabash to hold the toxins. 4) The flow of the energetics of the recipient. 5) Ka pule. The center of old Hawaiian traditional style lomilomi is Ka pule. Without it there is no Lomi. Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art that in its truest form does not resemble anything Western or Eastern. Traditional Lomilomi is pure Hawaiian.

At Halau O Limaloa we practice and perfect Iwi’ula Style Lomilomi. The Kumu (teacher), ‘O Kana’iaupuni Iwi’ula, is Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and has been given the Kuleana by his ‘ohana to teach Lomilomi as he was taught by his Kapunas. This is a very old, traditional and sacred style of lomilomi, unlike any other. This style utilizes two distinctly different forms of lomilomi, lomi kino and lomi kahea.
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We have Lomilomi practicioners in Hawaiʻi, Seattle, Portland and New York City. If you would like to make an appointment to experience our style of Lomilomi contact:
PIKAKE LOMI CENTER - call: 206.940.5262 (V.M.) or email: info@kalama.org

A typical session of lomilomi takes 2 hours. Two methods are used in giving this style of lomi: limaloa and limali’i. Both methods are used interchangeably, throughout the lomi session to pull toxicity out of the body. The recipient will experience a broad range of sensations from deep relaxation to euphoria. Some recipients may feel a temporary exhaustion or soreness in some areas from the purging that is accessed in receiving a lomi. Others can become completely energized from a lomi session. Every lomilomi is different and one should never expect the same effects with consecutive lomi treatments. Ultimately, Lomilomi can be a complete healing.

The practitioners here at Halau O Limaloa have all gone through a rigorous training process beginning with 2 1/2 years of study in HO’OMANA This is the necessary prerequisite to enter the Lomi Halau (school). HO’OMANA gives the lomi student unadulterated knowledge and understanding of a Hawaiian perspective and culture. The student then spends 10 months in focused study and practice applying the concepts of HO’OMANA to the healing art of Lomilomi.