’O Kana‘iaupuni Iwi'ula is a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) is the founder of the KALAMA Foundation and the Kumu (teaher) of Halau O Limaloa. Aupuni has been given the kuleana (responsibility) by his ’ohana (family) to teach Hawaiian spirituality, as he was taught by his kupuna. Born and raised on O’ahu, Aupuni has an MPA in healthcare and worked in allopathic healthcare for over 25 years before devoting his full time efforts to the KALAMA Foundation in 1999. He teaches Ancient Hawaiian spirituality for the 21st century.

In 1972, Kumu was asked by his kupuna to teach classes in the old way. He was a Reluctant Kumu. It took him 20 years to be persuaded to teach. His reluctance was due to having been brought up in a family which held onto old traditions AND their protocol. How was he going to be able to bridge the many ravines of understanding? The kulana could be overwhelming. The depth of the kuleana would be tremendous. Never before were his family’s traditions accessible by others, Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians.

In those 20 years he tried becoming the Neo-Hawaiian but his ‘ike and his family traditions continued to impress upon him that the Way Of the Old Hawai’i was far better than this Western/Eastern New Age. Hence when an acquaintance asked him to present Hawaiian Spirituality in St. John’s Landing in Portland he agreed. After that presentation his ‘aumakua, akua and his kupuna welcome him to his Kumuship. That was in 1992 and after returning back to Seattle that weekend the seeds of the KALAMA Foundation began to unfold.

Now, the organization required a name, a Hawaiian name. This required a traditional time of pule and insights to call upon a ho’ailona. The ho’ailona is a vision. In his family these ho’ailona come only to certain individuals. Through several weeks of retreat, deep meditation and insightful pule he asked his kupuna, ‘aumakua and akua for an ‘inoa for this organization. At the end of this ho’ailona process the ho’ailona appeared through an incredible vision and he was given the name. The name was given and so were two kaona.

KALAMA O KA PO’E KAHIKO is the Hawaiian name of the KALAMA Foundation. KALAMA O KA PO’E KAHIKO has a literal translation, The Light of the Ancient Ones, and a deeper spiritual translation, The Wisdom Of The Ancient Ones.

The KALAMA Foundation was not created as inoa ‘ohana, but as a ho’ailona and has no relation to the KALAMA ‘ohana.

Hawai’i and Kanaka Maoli are at a very interesting precipice. Its kaohi, steersman, has been sleeping. It is in the doldrums. It does not know which way the wind is blowing, so it listens not to the ‘ike, the na’au of Kanaka Maoli, but it listens to the very ones who have tried to take away its sovereignty. Much of Hawai’i today is like a bad tasting curry stew. No mo’ da fat. Most Hawaiians are lost not knowing who they are or where they are headed. The intricate connections of keola, the flow of life, are almost completely gone. These intricate connections between the ‘āina, the earth, ke kai, the sea, kamakani, the winds, kalani, the heavens, na ’aumakua, the Family Guardians, and na ‘akua, the Gods, is what is lost in today’s Hawai’i, but it continues to be kept sacred in the KALAMA Foundation.

Founded in 1993, The KALAMA Foundation is a synchronistic organization where all of its parts are integrally linked to each other creating a sound body of intellect with a strong understanding of a solid spiritual foundation. The KALAMA Foundation has several divisions:

Halau O Limaloa is the educational branch which presents training and educational programs about Native Hawaiian traditions and perspectives. The core of Halau O Limaloa teachings is HO’OMANA, the old indigenous maternalistic spirituality of Old Hawai’i, pre-Ali’i and pre-Western contact.

Halau O Limaloa is the only Lomilomi Halau existing today, taught by a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), ’O Kana‘iaupuni Iwi’ula who practices and lives a Ho’omana Way of Life.

We have halau in Hawaii, Molokai, Maui, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and New York.

Hale O KALAMA is a space for students to meet, rest, and run their energetics. It is a meditative place. It is a sacred place, housing KALAMA BOTANICALS and Pikake where the traditional Hawaiian healing art of lomilomi is practiced.

KALAMA Botanicals is the product line of traditional Hawaiian medicinals offered by the KALAMA Foundation. In keeping with its purpose, the Foundation is privileged to have been trusted with herbal formulas used by Native Hawaiians for centuries. The Waiomana Collection and the Kuhina Collection are oils for both personal use and Lomilomi.

Limaloa Institute is the research branch which applies a Western modality to augment the Hawaiian viewpoint of health.